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In Place

This time round Crowd, in collaboration with Camberwell’s graduating illustrators ‘In Place’, will be responding directly to Darryl Clifton’s article ‘Real Worldz’. 

“One of the challenges that those involved in education (students and staff) face is the perceived disparity between the Institution and the real world. What is implied is that educational experience lacks authenticity, presumably because of its distance from the cathedrals of commerce and transaction.” Darryl Clifton 2014.

Should educators and students aim to align education closer with industry, or preserve it as a separate, sacred, space? Is this an option when higher education funding continues to be cut? How do changes in design education affect the industry, and consequently the role of the illustrator and designer in wider society?

On the panel:
— Charlie Abbott, Jake Hopwood & Alex Hough, work-form
— Darryl Clifton, Course Director BA Illustration at Camberwell
— Adrian Holme, Lecturer BA Illustration at Camberwell
— Luke Best, illustrator
— Rachel Gannon, illustrator
— John O'Reilly, editor of Varoom magazine
— Zsa Zsa Shea
— David Cross
— John Hill

Do external shows allow students to break free from restrictions set by those higher up in the university? #inplace

Society has a lot to learn from education #inplace

Education should be helping students to work out how to make a living from mad exciting things? #inplace

Students have amazing power and ability to change whereas the university does not? #inplace

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