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F-re-e Thinking Schools

Can the radical teaching techniques of independent art schools benefit design studios and students within mainstream design education? 

This time round Crowd will explore whether the recent opening of independent art schools such as Open School East are a direct response to £9K tuition fees or a rebellion against mainstream further education. These schools explore experimental methods comparable to those used by the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College. Are we about to see a similar social shift in design philosophies? 

If students are taught to question their disciplines how will this shape the industries they enter; and how can design studios benefit from these experimental approaches? 

On the panel:
— Harry Woodrow, co-founder of Multistorey
— Department 21
— Amy Pennington
— School of the Damned, alternative arts postgraduate course
— Andy Haslam, designer and educator

Formal arts education is essential to keeping community together and allowing it to grow #freethinking

Are students less likely to take risks in setting up models within mainstream education systems because of tuition fees? #freethinking

In what other industry would students challenge their tutors? Only in the arts #freethinking

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