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Cult of the Ugly

Cult of the Ugly focused on visual rebellion in the design world, as designers increasingly go against traditional design rules, creating work that is garish, off-grid and seemingly random. 

Covering topics such as the fetishisation of the amateur, the internet age aesthetic, and why some designers are choosing to rebel against the ubiqitious ‘good’ design that surrounds us. 

On the panel:
— Simon Whybray, designer
— Barnie Page & Charlie Hood, Baz & Chaz curators
Claude d’Avoine, graphic designer at Dazed & Confused
— James Hines, designer

You can't communicate new ideas with old design #cultoftheugly @Whybray

Where does 'pretty ugly' design leave those who are design educated if anyone who has amateur design tools can create the same aesthetic? #cultoftheugly

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