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Graphic Persuasion

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Designers and artists have responded to the madness of the last 12 months with a creative outpouring of persuasion and protest. But in the age of the meme and authentic handpainted placard, what can trained designers bring to the party?

How can we apply (and reapply) the tools of design to inform, criticise, persuade and speculate?

How can we go beyond patting each other on the back towards challenging people who disagree with us, and what can we learn from psychology, advertising and activism to do this effectively?

Can design really make change or can this only come from knocking on doors?

On our panel:
— Kelly Satchell
— Arj Harrison
— Noel Douglas
— Rodrigo Lebrun
— Cathy Gale

Scribing by Rachel Sale

Earlier Event: July 5
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